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Kiln-fused glass workshops in Nottingham

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Kiln-fired Glass Workshops and Courses in Nottingham

Kiln fired glass provides a superb medium to work with colour and light. It is possible to render every mood from the subtle to the vivid, and the flexible and loose to the crisp and dramatic.

I began my journey into kiln fired glass whilst studying for a BA in Design at Glasgow School of Art between 2004-2008. My specialisation was in ceramics, but there was a link to glass, as both are silicate arts. Having always been a lover of colour and pattern, I was fascinated by glaze, and when a chance opportunity to try kiln fired glass came along I was hooked.

Initially I made only jewellery using dichroic and transparent glass with pure silver wire. Having sold a significant amount of this I then progressed to larger pieces, and more complicated techniques. I still offer workshops making dichroic jewellery as well as bowls, hangings and other items.

My original studies at Art School have been supplemented by attendance at inspirational Master classes encouraging a widening of techniques and possibilities. Newest in these are drop out technique bowls and vases and cast glass blocks.
I am more than happy to take on commissions.

Autumn 2017:
I have some work on show from 3rd September until 24th October at the Crewhouse Gallery, Patchings Art Centre, Nottingham. I am a guest artist along with others for their Autumn Collection feature.

3 glass vases by Anni Gell

Kiln-fired Glass Workshops in Nottingham
                                     - for enjoyment & creativity.....

My former career was as a teacher, and I have always felt that within education there needs to be the opportunity to try something new just because you want to. Working in Adult Education for a year convinced me of the need for places to relax and enjoy creativity. It was for that reason that the Little Studio was set up.

I now offer workshops & taster sessions throughout the year. The emphasis is on enjoyment and relaxation. With not a tick sheet in sight, the aim is to provide a fulfilling learning experience.
I take a maximum of 4 students on my workshops in order for the atmosphere to remain relaxed and to enable me to give plenty of help and support.

All sessions are arranged on request.  Small groups, individual sessions and private lessons by the hour are possibilities. Hen Parties are also proving very popular - the image on the left is of coasters made recently by a group of 9 ladies on a hen party.

Find out more on the Workshops page.
If you don’t see what you want, please ask and I will see what I can do.

School/Group Projects:

Following an approach from a local school I spent three mornings with years 5 and 6 talking to them about glass as a material and helping them to put together glass coasters in which they sandwiched copper, aluminium, silver, wire wool and glass granules. I then took these away to fire and returned them to the pupils together with a worksheet they had completed reminding them of which material they used where. I supplied all materials and tools other than scissors. Please contact me if you are a teacher or provider and interested in something similar.

glass coaster before firing kiln with glass coasters glass coaster after firing
coaster with inclusions, before ... firing in kiln ... and after firing

Other similar activities are available for leisure groups involving glass papers, glass paints, paper punches and other materials. These do not involve cutting glass and could take place in other venues. Contact me to discuss possibilities.

Demonstrations & Talks

Should your group or organisation (in the Nottingham area) be interested in hearing about working with kiln fired glass, I am available to give a talk with either a Powerpoint presentation or a demonstration.
The fee for this is £25 which goes into the Rotary International Club Charity account for local needs.

Please contact me, by mail or email, for further details & to make arrangements.

Anni Gell BA BEd
Member of the Association of Contemporary Glass Artists


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